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Akanni means: "when you and I meet - you will leave with a precious gift."

  Akanni is the name of my photography, design, and desktop publishing studio. I chose that name to represent the high quality of work that I strive to produce.

  The name is also used as the kennel name for the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Borzoi that I breed, train, exhibit and love in my role as a hobby breeder.

About Akanni Photography
  I have a BFA in Photography/Sculpture and have been doing custom work since 1997. I prefer to work with natural light when shooting portraits of people or animals, and find that the best images come from working in their own environments - not in a studio. I have a studio set up for product shots and for gemstone/jewelry work, and can travel with it to client sites if need be. I've done work for gem/jewelry artists, antique automobile fanciers, interior designers, tradesmen, and others commercially. I'm always happy to work with families or people in the dog or horse fancies - for portraits, sporting events, special occasions, or ad photos. My work has been featured in ads, on brochures, on business cards, in magazines and booklets, on the web, seen as posters, and has won awards.

  For traditional film work I use a Contax system with Carl Zeiss and Yashica lenses, preferring to use slide film for color portraits due to the wonderful saturation of color and sharp detail. I develop and print all of my own black & white work unless otherwise requested. I digitize directly from film negatives or slides with a Canon film scanner. The "hard film" shoots take longer for clients to receive their prints than shooting digital but the image quality is beyond superb.

  For digital photography I use a Canon DSLR so that I can utilize my Zeiss lenses on the camera body. I also use other Canon lenses, including some from the L-series, so that I can offer more options to clients and to be able to take more action photography. By being able to shoot five frames per second I can catch amazing movement photos of athletes, animals and activities.
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About Akanni Design and Desktop Publishing
  I offer complete small business branding - logo, letterhead, business cards, brochure, website and forms, but am happy to offer just one of those products, if that's all that's needed.

  Since 1997 I have been the creator, editor, and publisher of many newsletters for various groups. I have published an issue of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club's international magazine from start to finish including designing ads, complete pre-press layout, editing, and mailing. I have been the layout editor/creative editor on booklets and brochures for not-for-profit groups.

  If it's in print, I can create it for you - complete with copy and photography.

  I have been designing and maintaining web sites since 1998. In addition to my own business, I spent several years working for AlphaGraphics, Inc. in the world headquarters as their Web Site Support Specialist and Internal Intranet/Email Administrator.
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About Akanni Hounds
  I was raised with a Standard Poodle. At the age of 18, I started in Irish Wolfhounds (which had been the dog of my childhood dreams) but because of their short life span did not stay with them for long. There were many years out of the show ring, and a Smooth Collie along the way, but I've remained a Hound person at heart.

  I got back into Hounds in 1995, with my first Ridgeback (a rescue dog) who turned into a phenominal performance dog. My first Borzoi came along in 1996, she was also a rescue dog, and she ended her performance career with some amazing accomplishments.

  Currently I own, love, train, and occasionally breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Borzoi. I am a licensed lure coursing judge for both the ASFA and AKC. I have been actively handling dogs in the show, agility, and obedience rings since 1998.
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Where is Akanni?
 Akanni is based in South-Eastern Michigan in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

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